FIAs See Best Sales Year Since 2009

The fixed annuity industry had one of its strongest years of sales growth in 2013, according to the Beacon Research Fixed Annuity Premium Study...

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A new balance of performance potential and a level of protection. Allianz Index Advantage Variable Annuity.

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How To Reach Super-Busy, Stressed-Out Prospects By Phone


Sometimes prospects are too busy to take your call, and other times they are out of the office. So when is the best time to call them?...

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IAs As An Alternative To Bonds

The indexed annuity with guaranteed minimum income benefits rider could be a safer alternative to bonds in your client’s retirement portfolio...

New Entrants Steepen Competition In The Fixed Annuities Marketplace

More new entrants are tapping into the financial potential of the fixed annuities marketplace. As they make inroads into this industry, competition for customers is fiercer than ever...

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Group Calls For Uniform Standard

The Securities and Exchange Commission has collected testimony from various interest groups over the past 18 months in support of and against applying a uniform fiduciary standard...

Integrating Tech Can Lead To More AUM

Companies using disparate systems manage less and deliver lower profits than advisories using deeply integrated computer platforms. Over time, those differences mean millions of dollars in assets under management...

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