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Posted By: Steven Morelli on 5/29/2014

A former California annuity seller is in jail awaiting trial on 29 felonies and one misdemeanor, including grand theft, embezzlement and burglary, for annuity sales...

Posted By: Steven Morelli on 6/19/2014

Why does California seem to go after annuity agents so aggressively? That’s been a question often asked after two criminal prosecutions in cases that could have been insurance department matters...

Posted By: Steven Morelli on 6/10/2014

Alan S. Lewis is accused of “twisting” in the repeated sale of annuities to some of his clients...

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 6/16/2014

The Society for Annuity Facts & Education (SAFE), a nonprofit with the aim of educating consumers about annuities, has joined with an industry coalition to declare June as Annuity Awareness Month...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 6/18/2014

Top-selling fixed index annuity (FIA) writer Allianz Life turned in some jaw-dropping sales numbers for first quarter. Here's a look behind the numbers...

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