Annuity News

Posted By: Targeted News Service on 7/23/2014

A new survey shows that 78 percent of Americans who contribute to an employer-sponsored retirement plan receive matching contributions from their employer, and 77 percent of those who have matching contributions save enough to receive the full employ

Posted By: on 7/22/2014

According to a survey, 71 percent of Americans said they would consider buying an annuity to meet a variety of needs. However, more than half (53 percent) of the participants said they were not familiar with annuities...

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 7/21/2014

New York Life has announced that Matthew Grove has been promoted to chief administrative officer (CAO) in the company’s Insurance and Agency Group, and that David Cruz has been named to Grove’s former post...

Posted By: on 7/15/2014

American United Life, a OneAmerica company, successfully completed its first pension liability settlement guaranteeing benefits for pensioners...

Posted By: on 7/14/2014

A new LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Research survey found that 78 percent of workers recognize their personal responsibility to save for their retirement...

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